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  1. Fly to Split International airport which has plethora of direct flight connections to over 90 European cities
  2. Take the airport shuttle (or taxi) to downtown Split (central bus station), ca 30 min
  3. Take the speedboat (katamaran) from Split to Bol (45 min) *
  • Alternatively, since there are only two speedboat daily from Split to Bol that depart from Split at 4:15 PM and 4:30 PM, you might choose to take ferry to Supetar on the island of Brač (which departs roughly every hour, the ride takes 50 mins), and then, once arrived to Supetar, take a bus or a shared taxi to Bol. You can check ferry schedule here, as well as buy tickets online.
  • There are several reliable companies offering a direct luxury transfer from Split international airport to your hotel in Bol (by private speedboats or by a combination car + ferry + car. The prices of these transfers are more than reasonable if you are travelling as a group of three or four.


There is a tiny international airport at the island of Brač , with growing number of domestic and international flights. It is at just 11 km from Bol, and a shared taxi from there takes only 20 minutes to get you to the BlueSun Elaphusa Hotel in Bol. Check the airport website here as your hometown might be on the list of places having direct flights to Brač during this summer.


You can, of course, choose to fly to Zagreb first, and then, enjoy a drive along the brand new Dalmatina (A1) highway to Split. From Split you can take a speedboat or ferry to the island of Brač (see above). As for the drive from Zagreb to Split, you can of course hire a car in Zagreb, and return it in Split or in Bol (check the possible return locations), but you can also rely on a reliable, plentyful and comfortable inter-city buses Zagreb – Split (and even Zagreb – Bol, with the ferry included).