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There are several ways to reach Bol, but most probably, you will choose the following route:

  1. Fly to Split International airport which has plethora of direct flight connections to over 90 European cities
  2. Take the airport shuttle (or taxi) to downtown Split (central bus station), ca 30 min
  3. Take the speedboat (katamaran) from Split to Bol (45 min) *
  • Alternatively, as there is only one speedboat daily from Split to Bol, which departs from Split in the late afternoon, you might choose to take ferry to Supetar on the island of Brač (which departs roughly every hour, the ride takes 50 mins), and then, once arrived to Supetar, take a bus or a shared taxi to Bol.
  • There are several reliable companies offering a direct luxury transfer from Split international airport to your hotel in Bol (by private speedboats or by a combination car + ferry + car. The prices of these transfers are more than reasonable if you are travelling as a group of three or four.