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We invite all the participants to present their ongoing research in the form of posters at the HTCC3. You will have top-notch experts right by your sides, with whom you will have an opportunity to discuss your work, ask questions, or just show off a bit – why not, you’ve deserved it after all. We have seen at the previous HTCCs, that this form of interactivity is highly appreciated by both students and teachers. In fact, very often we had to drag people from the posters (interrupting brutally vivid scientific conversations), in order to keep the workshop going according to the schedule.

Anyway, your poster should not exceed the standard 90 cm x 120 cm (w x h, respectively). You should keep an eye on the important dates, not to miss the deadline to send us the abstract, in order to secure your work to be listed and presented in the programme book. And, yes, send us your abstract to as an MS Word file, simply as an attachment. And then, bring your poster with you.